Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tree Cutting along trail

From Paul Gilbert, Executive Director NVRPA

"Dominion Power is doing some cutting of vegetation along the W&OD in the area between Vienna and Reston. Some tail users have complained and some reporters have been asking some questions about this.
"This happens every few years. Dominion has the right to cut trees that are growing near their transmission lines. In 2005 we entered into a Vegetative Management Plan with Dominion related to the W&OD. The agreement is voluntary, but Dominion has honored it. Some of the main provisions is that we cannot plant trees that are expected to grow more than 15 feet tall directly under the lines, and they will consult with us before cutting. We are sharing the management plan with the report[er] who has asked some questions. I wanted to let you all know, since this is something you may hear about?"