Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mile 11.8/In Vienna/IDEA

This blog is set up to aid people that use the W&OD Trail. In an age of web cams showing you the traffic on major highways this is much lower tech. This is the information that thoughtful trail users share with other trail users going towards an area where caution is needed. Situations change quickly so information in postings may be outdated before even being entered into this blog. Yes, that will happen frequently. The hope is that information will make a run, a bike ride, or a walk safer and more enjoyable.

Twelve trail users have been asked to be reporters. We are looking for more reporters. If you use the W&OD to commute to work or to walk, skate, cycle or run multiple days a week then you could provide information about the trail. Send a message to if you are willing to participate as a reporter.