Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Update: W&OD to be plowed this week

Great news trail users!

Paul McCray, Operations Director for NVRPA, just posted this comment yesterday to WashCycle:
The W&OD Trail staff will begin clearing snow during the week of February 22 to speed up the melting process. This is in line with our policies of the past which included leaving snow for cross country skiers and then clearing intersections and plowing deeper accumulations.

When we plow, we won't put the blades right on the pavement but will leave an inch or so which will melt off fairly quickly. If we were to scrape right down to the asphalt, we'd do just as much damage as road plows do on the streets and then the W&OD would have rough, patched sections throughout the year. We don't have the funds to pave the trail more often than every 15 years so it's important to preserve the surface any way we can.
 I for one will be sending a note of thanks to Mr. McCray for this action.  IF you'd like to do the same, his contact information is below:

Paul McCray
Park Operations Director - NVRPA