Monday, March 1, 2010

Falls Church/ North Arlington Update

The trail is starting to clear up but there are still some patches where shade has stymied the melting process.

Working east from Gallows Rd, the significant trouble areas are as follows:

 There's a tree down on the section of the trail between Idylwood Park and I-66 but it only covers about half the trail and there's more than enough room to get around.

The trail parallel to Virginia Ln is still essentially impassable with large mounds of snow still piled on the trail.  For cyclists, I would suggest just hopping on the road until the County Rd 703 intersection.

The paved section for about 100 yards past Chestnut St is covered to about 4 inches, there's a dirt path next to it that is clear.

It's pretty dicey between Great Falls St and Little Falls St.  It's only about 2-4 inches, but there are ice patches mixed in with the slush that can be hazardous.  If you're on your bike and feeling very adventurous, have fun.  People on foot shouldn't have too much trouble so long as they don't mind getting their feet a little wet.

After Little Falls St. the trail clears up significantly until just past Falls Church park.  The hill going up Brandymore Castle has a cleared path about a foot wide.  If you're on a bike, I would suggest walking the hill, especially if there are others there.  The chance for collision is just too great.

After Brandymore, the trail clears up at least as far as the Custis intersection where I turn off. 

All in all, the trail is in pretty good shape along this section.  I'd say another week of above-freezing temperatures should clear away most of the rest of the hold-outs.