Friday, February 4, 2011

Conditions in Reston Area

Yesterday I tried riding on the Trail from Wiehle Ave west. There are two narrow tire tracks left by the NVRPA vehicle that are mostly melted. It's a good test of bike handling skills to ride in the 8" or so track. However, there's still lots of ice in several sections even in the tire tracks, especially near the power lines near the old Sallie Mae building. At Old Reston Ave I gave up and rode along Sunset Hills Rd instead. On the return trip I started at the YMCA and headed east and was able to ride OK to Old Reston Ave. Knowing about the ice to the east of there I detoured along North Shore Dr back to Wiehle.

Today I drove along Hunter Mill Rd and where it crosses the trail it appears that there's a lot of clear trail to the east toward Vienna. The section to the west where it's shady is still ice-covered with some melting in the tire tracks. I'll be glad when NVRPA gets their new snow plow later this month.