Monday, February 12, 2007

Intersecting at Gallows

This morning I had a little excitement at the Gallows Road crossing. I had the light, and was actually into the intersection, when I was joined by a motor vehicle blasting North along Gallows Road. The vehicle did not even slow down: it even passed a car that had stopped for the red light. Fortunately, I had just had my brake pads replaced by my pals at Bikes at Vienna and was able to stop neatly several inches shy of the white behemoth SUV. I got a close look at the driver, a woman with dark hair attractively curled.

So, be careful if you are one who sprints to best Jan Ulrich in the time trial, soaring into that intersection as the clock ticks down, pumping your fists into the air past the finish line, modestly donning the yellow jersey for the remainder of your commute.

And who among us has not?

I didn't get mad at the woman. I just used the special magic that all bicycle commuters posess to take all of the curls out of one side of her hair. I expect she'll notice that.