Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Falls Church - Vienna, Monday 4/30

Trail conditions are excellent overall, and lots of living things are re-emerging as the weather warms. Lots of blossoms of various types... unlike idabike, I can't help you identify them, unfortunately. Critters are also out and about... Monday evening I slowed to a stop when I saw the three fox kits cavorting right next to the trail! They are getting bigger, and clearly more independent of mom, but I have to admit, it worries me to see them right at the side of, and at one point on the trail, when people were about. Bizarre moment.. a pair of joggers went by, one after the other, within five feet of the little kits, and didn't even notice them, or apparently wonder why I was pulled over watching the underbrush. I guess they were "in the zone" or something. Me, I look around and enjoy the scenery when I ride, but I don't view it primarily as a workout, so I'm different.

Anyway, if you see the kits, please give them a wide berth... wild things need to stay wild.

One other incident of note... near the Vienna Community Center in the morning, there was a crew cutting up a fallen tree right on the path. Apparently they had moved the barricade on the east end of their work area to move a truck, and hadn't replaced it yet, so the obstruction was a suprise to me and another rider. Also a surprise was the anger of the guy with the chainsaw, who yelled at us for not stopping, saying "couldn't you see I had a chainsaw?" Well, yes, but without the barricade, it was too late by the time I saw him. And if they were so concerned about cyclists coming upon them with the saw running, why didn't they wait until they had restored the barricade? Ah well, just a series of missteps on both sides... I should have stopped and announced my presence, and they should have made sure the barricade was up while cutting.