Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A New Wheel

Commute this morning was my first outing on my brand new rear wheel. There were many bicycles on the W&OD today. Faster ones. Shinier ones. Fancier ones. But none had a wheel quite like mine. It has 36 spokes and a sleek black rim enchanted with resilient strength. My old [cracked] wheel now adorns the Wall of Worn-out Bicycle Parts.

Nature was overflowing onto the trail today: Two baby bunnies and a racing Chipmunk near the intersection with Custis Trail. A Baltimore Oriole at ~mile 5. And Yellow Flag iris along Four-Mile Run through Falls Church. The Yellow Flag is a wildflower native to Europe and can be invasive here, but it is lovely nonetheless. Oriole photo courtesy Arlington County Public Schools. Iris photo courtesy University of Connecticut.