Thursday, August 2, 2007

I ride to eat

The W&OD Trail Report has provided insights into the wonders of nature along the trail and reported on activity on the trail. This item begins reporting about food along the trail. One of the true reasons that I ride a bike is so I can rationalize the calories I take in. So why not share the information of where the best tasting calories are lurking?

This idea of food reporting came to me as I read the Washington Post on Wednesday. As you may know, the Post publishes a Food Section each Wednesday. Every other week Greg Kitsock writes a column devoted to beer. Kitsock in this week's edition reported on the change of ownership of the Old Dominion Brewing Co. He ended the column with:

"And there is no question that the Old Dominion crew can produce memorable beers. Recently, the brewers made a superb, limited-edition porter, deep ruby-red and full of mocha flavors with licorice and herbal notes.

The problem is, the porter is available only in the brewery pub, a 40 minute drive from Washington. Will beer geeks continue to make that trek?"

Greg, the brewery pub is a couple of hundred yards from the W&OD Trail. If the beer geeks won't make the trek then there is just more for the trail users to enjoy.