Friday, August 3, 2007


The construction under the Sycamore Street bridge in Banneker Park looks to be almost complete. The trail in early August is showing signs of our severe drought: even the ragweed --- soon to be in bloom --- is hanging its leaves. The bunnies at mile 4 are venturing closer to the trail for tender growth. Four-mile Run is very low.

The trail is also showing signs of the high levels of CO2 in the air. Vines are rampant: Chocolate Vine (you wish! no, not real chocolate) at mile 10.5, Kudzu at the Gallows Road intersection, wild grapes over everything, prickly mile-a-minute vine cloaking even the hardy bamboo in spots. These are all encouraged to grow more aggressively by the greenhouse gas that is trapping heat in our atmosphere. Code Orange indeed!

On a positive note: the Sundrops are blooming mornings now. Striking flowers in the primrose family. Photo is from