Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lights out on the trail in Arlington

"I wanted to let you know all of the street lights along the trail between N. Sycamore St and N. Patrick Henry Dr in Arlington are out and it gets really dark along that stretch at night. Anyone running or riding there definitely needs a light.  Incidentally, that's also the area where the flasher incidents occurred which you reported on Jan 18.  I thought that might warrant an update."

This message came from a bike commuter who travels from Ballston to Tysons Corner using the W&OD Trail.  This is good information to share.  That's a long stretch along the sound barrier next to I-66.  It is an area with lots of walkers and runners. I'll try to sign him up as a contributor because this is good information to know.

It's possible to contribute using a cell phone and sending an email message or a text message.  Think about how you could be a contributor.