Saturday, January 23, 2010

W&OD Trail Photo Contest

This posting is about fun and creativity. We are going to have a photo contest focused on the W&OD Trail until the end of February. With so many people carrying phones with photographic capabilities this could be a hoot. To get the creative juices flowing I'm posting photos of our winner of the helmet decorating contest we held in conjunction with ViVa! Vienna! in 2008 which had a W&OD theme..
As you can see from these photos our winner was highly creative and had alot of fun with this contest.  Now apply this same creativity to photos relating to people, animals, and scenery along the W&OD Trail.  Many of the photos will be posted on this blog and on the bikes@vienna blog and Facebook Page.  The winner will receive a new helmet, one of our Nutcase models.

Send your entry as an attachment to an email message to  Please keep the size of the file smaller (under 100K).  I'm directing the entries to an email I have that has quite a bit of capacity, but lots of entries could swamp it.  Understand these photos will be used in multiple ways to promote the W&OD Trail and bikes@vienna.

Let the fun begin.  Let's see what we capture.