Friday, March 9, 2007

Falls Church - Vienna: Mostly Clear and Bluebirds!

The trail is in pretty good shape from Falls Church to Vienna. As you can see to the left, the bridge over the Beltway still has a fair amount of snow/ice on it, but the north side is clear. Most of the trail is wide open and dry.

No surprise here, but the section between Gallows and Cedar still has some messy spots in the shade. On the right is the area by milepost 9.5, where you can see the snow is still edge to edge. It's mostly just packed snow, but there is some ice, including some hiding below the snow. Luckily the surface isn't too bumpy from footprints, so it's not terrible riding. And the fully covered stretches are pretty short, walkable if need be.

On another note, as I was approaching Cedar from the east, a flurry of 4 or 5 bluebirds zoomed across the trail and lighted in and around a tree by the parking area there. If I can get the picture I took cropped down to something usable here, I'll post it.