Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vienna to Mile 30

Wednesday was a great day for a ride, and lots of folks were out enjoying the trail.

Bridge work continues at Broad Run, but it looks like it is nearly complete. Here's hoping that will be done soon. The new surface is much, much better.

Tree trimming was happening around mile 26, and I'm assuming will continue for a while.

Just west of Vienna, the marshes were alive with spring peepers, and some other species of frog with a deeper sound. Not one I recognized, but perhaps our resident expert (that's you Penny) can clue us in. Also spotted and heard a number of hawks, including Broad Winged and I think Red Shouldered. Oh, and one ground hog seemed completely unimpressed with our presence... he sat right at the edge of the trail, less than 3 feet from me, and just looked bored as I went by him.